I shook my head. I just did it, though I knew I could probably do it again in just another minute or two. That’s something I’ve practiced at home. I used to do a lot of edging, escorte ieftine know, where you tease yourself close to an orgasm and then stop and leave yourself needy for as long as you can before doing it again. Because of all that, I can get off and get hard enough to get off again almost immediately, but I wasn’t going to let escorte porniste know that.

“Will you show it to me again?” she asked, playing with one of her nipples.

“Let me see what you’re doing,” I insisted.

Jill looked at me for a long moment as she thought about it. While she stared at me, mostly looking at my hand covering my cock, she kept on rubbing herself and playing with her tits. I felt my cock throb once against my palm and knew I was both hard and ready to get off again. Jill leaned against the wall and parted her legs wide, showing me every part of beautifully trimmed pussy. “Like this?” she asked.